Making Photography a Career

One of the great benefits that can come with choosing photography as a career is with the many options that it creates. A photographer can go into many different categories of a photography business.

Modern Technology

What many photographers that are entering into this industry are now enjoying is the modern technology that is available to them. Some more established photographers feel that some of the modern equipment available such as digital cameras may be taking away something that the use of film provided.

Options for Photography Business

Photographers who would like to start their own business have a lot of options for doing so. They can choose to specialize in certain areas of photography and build their business on this. The following are some example of these.

Wedding Photography

This is a business that many photographers in the past made as to their first choice. Mostly because there was such a large market for it. Now with more opportunities opening up wedding photography may not be the favoured first choice any longer.

Small Business Photography

Many businesses have chosen to make their presence on the internet. This has created some new opportunities for photographers. Website rely heavily on images. It is difficult for them to find ones that are unique or do not have copyrights attached to them. Some businesses are now turning to photographers to supply their images for them. There is a huge target market available to the photographers that are interested in this line of business.

Photography Instruction

Some photographers have invested a lot of time in their education for photography. They can put this to good use by offering their own courses. This would not be on the same level as what training they invested in. A photographer could run mini-courses for amateurs and divide these courses into specific categories. Many people have taken an interest in photography now that they are able to use some of their mobile devices for this.

Selling Photographs

Another option is for a photographer to sell their photographs or printed versions of them. Many photographers capture some amazing images, and there are a lot that would be interested in buying these.

Other Eventful Activities

Aside from starting a full-time business, photographers have a lot of other options to get themselves known. They can do this by:

  • Starting and maintaining their own blog
  • Selling photographs to magazines
  • Entering Contests
  • Holding workshops

Becoming a Professional Photographer

Anyone that is going to make photography their career has to become a professional. This isn’t a profession that they can just walk into. There are some steps that have to be taken in order to become a professional.

Proper Training

There is a lot to learn about photography, and there are a few ways to go about this. An individual can take a formal course at a teaching establishment. Or there is the option to be self-taught. This can be time-consuming and doesn’t provide any real credentials to rely on. However, more important than credentials is having an impressive portfolio. Then another way is to become involved in an internship with a professional that is already in the business.

Gaining Experience

This is the next step on the road to becoming a professional. Gaining experience in the different forms of photography has some value to it. One, it will allow the new photographer to determine which type of photography they may want to become a professional in. Secondly, it provides opportunities to gather material for a portfolio. It also allows the new photographer to perfect their skills. This is the time to identify any weaknesses and correct them.

Making the Final Decision

Finally, the professional photographer will likely want to specialise in the form of photography that they feel they are best at and what appeals to them. The careers listed below are just some examples of the choices they have:

  • Wedding photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Fine Arts
  • Photojournalism


Once a photographer has become a professional, the next step is to market themselves. Again there will be lots of options to do this. The internet will prove to be the most valuable resource. The photographer will need to create a website that will allow them to showcase their work. However, marketing efforts should not stop here. Social media marketing should become a priority as these platforms offer some great advantages for targeting the right audiences.

Photography as a career is a rewarding one, but it is also competitive, and the structure of it can change as new technology comes into play. Undoubtedly if all of these factors are kept in mind, then it can be successful.