Trends in Photography

The photography industry is an exciting one, and like most businesses, it too has its trends. These can undoubtedly change from year to year, and trends can be influenced by many different factors.

Underwater Portraits

Just when it is thought that there is nothing else to be discovered in photography, something new and exciting comes along. One idea which fits into this category is underwater maternity portraits, which is currently a big trend in Australia.


Considered to be a new term, but really is about photography using mobile devices and smartphones. In some ways, they have replaced some of the traditional photography equipment. However, there is still a need for that for those who are entering into professional photography. The photography features of some of the smartphones and mobile devices are quite impressive and versatile. They can possess components such as macro, telephoto lenses and allow for adjustments with contrast and brightness and much more.

Macro Photography

This is a form of photography which not every photographer can adapt to. Macro photography revolves around close-ups. It puts several demands on the photographers for capturing fine details without blurring the subject being shot. It is enticing to give this a try, when a photographer wants to capture something in nature, such as insects or flowers.

Vintage Photography

This is an intriguing idea and really can take photography to the next level. Most of it revolves around taking current photographs and altering them, so they have a vintage look. There are a lot of tools which the photographer can rely on to achieve this. Retro photography requires some expertise in working with textures and knowing something about brightness and contrast.

Panoramic Photography

This is referred to as landscape photography. It is taking 360-degree photos in a wide format. This is not a new form of photography, but it is one which is trending. It may lose its popularity once again, but will surely resurface many times over in the future.

Miscellaneous Trends

Aside from specific categories of trends in photography, there are also certain components of it which spark interest, such as:

  • Colour

In 2019, vibrant colour has become a hot topic. It is showing more of a trend when it comes to stock photos. Colour is always important in photography, but the requirements can fluctuate between muted colours to bold, and vibrant seems to be the in thing at the moment.

  • Travel Photography

This could be classed as a category, but falls into a component trend, because it is becoming more popular thanks to the use of smartphones and mobile devices.

Speciality Trends

Just as trends take place in general photography, it also takes place in speciality photography. A wedding photograph is a good example. One of the trends which are taking place is:

  • Pre Wedding Photo Shoots

More couples who are about to get married are keen on having the lead up to the wedding captured in photographs. This can include photographing the actual proposal itself or the engagement party. Some brides like to have photos taken when they are fulfilling the different steps in the wedding plan, such as when choosing their dress or picking out their rings, or perhaps ordering their wedding cake. All of this is good news to the wedding photographer, as it increases their business. It also requires more of a time commitment.